Thursday, 16 July 2009

needless to say i am feeling low, but im gonna put that aside and still concentrate on my wellbeing.

anyway i have totally neglected my skin, i can go weeks without having actually moisturised, it is not good, and my poor skin has just gotten use to it, im gonna try and change this Inshallah. Also from time to time the skin needs some other beauty treatments, such as exfoliation

benefits of this
  • stimulates circulation for all over body glow
  • encourages elimination of toxins
  • sloughs away dead skin cells
  • clears pores, which help prevent spots and blemishes
  • promotes new skin surface
this is taken from a book that i am currently reading. anyway please remember my skin is not your skin so be careful when doing anything, if you want to try it do so at your own risk.

anyway the easiest and cheapest skin exfoliater that i know of is soap and sugar, i read this in book a long time ago. i have tried it and i found it a little harsh, but it really cleaned my skin. just lather some soap on your face and then slowly add sugar and scrub away.

I use to do this as a teenager but obviously now i do it once a year maybe, but thats about to change. today i got a shop bout exfoliater it is the Mudd range and it is the walnut one. i really like this one and i find it good for my skin.

Anway i have pains at the side. I have recovered from two days of headaches as a result of giving up my extra sugar intake namely...a can of fizzy drink and yes chocolate.
My skin is looking better already but i dont think im gonna stick with Skin Nanny... looks too greasy

Throughout today i have eaten:

I slice seed and oat wholemeal bread with humous,
snack size yoghurt and glass cranberry juice

cucumber slices, 2 tangerines, 3 slices mango,

rice with lamb curry, fried vegetables (far too salty and greasy) tomato Salsa salad.... i love this salsa it is yummy it consists of roasted tomatoes, thinly sliced onions, red chillies, corriander roasted garlic... it is lovely with curries!

packet of M and Ms

2 glasses of water

another glass of cranberry juice

small portion of rice with meat and few veg

okay today is a bit better had a stomach cramp i wonder if it was peanuts from m and ms?????
remembered to moisturise and will try and exfoliate my skin tonight ( just face!)
gonna try pantene smooth and sleek on my hair as opposed to johnsons baby shampoo ( DONT ASK!)