Thursday, 23 July 2009

naughty girl!

okay so the last two days have been appauling food wise and i feel too disgusted with myself to write it down. lets just say i had particularly bad pains in my tummy which is not good!
why am i such a fool, good food = good health bad food = bad health!
but i guess i did have some fruit yesterday which is better than nothing namely mangoes, jackfruit. this is a pic of jackfruit it looks ugly, and actually can have an unpleasant smell, i never ate this as a kid but now i try just for the sake of variety. there is a reasonwhy we have this at home which i will write about in my other blog. this blog is solely for ME things.

I know that i love lush products now. i have been using this thing called big shampoo and i love it! i fear that i may never use conventional shampoos again. the good side is that there are very few chemixcals just to preserve it. it is a wierd texture but it gives your head a good massage as it is sea salt. alongside this the lady in lush gave me a sample of this conditioner called jasmine and henna fluff eaze.
the lady told me it was a pre conditioner so you put it on dry hair and leave it to do its wonders. i have to say I love it! my hair is actually looking nice, or could that be beacuse i have neglected it so long!

I have to say that Mashallah i feel my skin is looking a lot nicer mashallah, i wonder if its that skin nanny moisturiser or the fact that i have been trying to cut down on fizz and add some fruit? i dont know!
But you know what it is so expensive £25! what to do, the other benefit is that the lady gave me a really really small sample and it has lasted me over a week! so in the long run???!!!

what i will be definitely buying is there skin masks, which are made fresh everyday and contain no chemicals what so ever cant wait! iv'e gone lush crazy again!!

Todays menu

i thnk maybe i ate too much...jeez you think so you can hardly move girl!anyway here goes

1 slice wholemeal bread toast with boiled egg water

packet of crisps 1 kitkat water

fried fish with tomatoes, prawns with red,green peppers with rice water

chocolate donuts 3 mini

3 pieces jackfruit, mongoes, melon and pinapple fruit salad! Yay!

rice with meat and potatoes

bowl of ice cream

okay least there is water and fruit today!