Friday, 24 July 2009

water water and more water....then loo

okay so we are told to drink roughly 8 glasses of water a day, that is about 3 pints,( 1.8 litres ) i only had 3 glasses and felt that i was constantly going to the toilet! maybe im doing it wrong, instead of an actual full glass each time perhaps it would be better to sip throughout the day......need to get one of those water bottles. but i heard that your body has to get use to the amount of water you feed it, so it is a case of just to keep going!

tea and coffee as i have heard do not count towards water intake, i think herbal tea is ok, not quite sure. I thankfully am not a coffe or tea drinker and im glad of it too actually!

okay here are reasons to drink water taken from my torn and tatted health book :

  1. oxygen is transported more effectively around the body

  2. your kidneys are flushed out more effectively, so this eliminates toxins, hence less toxins reach skins surface.

  3. skin cells are plumped up and lips hydrated, so you should see an improvement in skin and hair!

  4. improves your digestive system

  5. slows down signs of ageing love this one!

  6. easier to burn fat

  7. okay and this one i think is well worth considering i will quote it as it is in the book "more powerful and flexible muscles in the face and elsewhere. muscles hould be 3 quarters water and if they lose just 3 percent of that they lose 10 percent in strength." so girls down that water if you wanna look and feel good!

Todays menu

1 wholemeal oat and seed bread with boiled egg

bean burger with wholemeal bread and a large helping of salad ( onions tomato, red green yellow peppers, chilli, coriander leaves, lettuce) this was really yummy oh i forgot the mayo added! but felt nutrious.

Fried fish with salad

rice meat curry with salad

cranberry juice 2 glasses

water 2 glasses

few choc brownies

packet crisps

salad with meat rice ( very small portion )

few prawns

bowl of ice cream

i think i overate again!