Saturday, 18 December 2010


im not so sure about facebook, i know some people are completely addicted and have a very unhealthy realtionship with it, people whio are on it all the time. Now i made an account with a name..any name not mine just to see if i could find any of my friends on there and yeah i found loads. anyways one friend from high school had her profile open for all to look through her photos and stuff, and as i was looking OMG i came across a photo of myself....i mean aaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh it was a photo of when i was 16, now it is bad enough to find a photo of myself but what is worse is that i am in my school uniform, with no hijabb....aaarrrrgggghhhhhhh. the only thing is that it is not a clear photo. anyways that was last week this week i am just looking at another friends profile and there there i was again...what the hell....i didnt even know this photo existed!!! wow! okay so what was bad was that it was a clear photo very clear but what was good was that i had started wearing hijaab so erm i dont know i am not comfortable with it at all. i guess every other person has their profile pic on its just that i am not comfortable at all....anyway i am now thinking Allah knows how many other photos people have of me. I have a strict no photo policy at public events but i guess i am not always aware of when the camera is on me!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

oops i did it again

I am so depressed about my lifestyle, i want to change it but i just dont seem to be able to, it lasts a few days and then i am back on the junk. Fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps. Its like i have no stamina or will power left. I know this kind of junk food is disturbing my sleep and it is making my depression worse. I just wish that i could stick to a healthy diet without it being a chore. When i was a teenager i use to make all these face masks and my skin looked good to mashallah, and now i can go weeks without even moisturising that when i do people actually notice it and say i look nice ...( that is really sad!)
so what stops me frm eating the way i want, i think it is depression and i am just going around in circles. we owe it to ourselves to eat well, and i have to think about my kids picking up on my bad habits. Oh Allah help me this time, i am gonna, try again and give it another shot, but maybe with a different approach, i will add good food rather than stopping the junk completely and try to ween my self off the rubbish, man i sound like a druggie!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

BIG NO to late night meals.

one thing that i know for sure works with maintaining a healthy weight or trying to lose weight is the time that you have your last meal!

8 o'clock is the time that you should cease eating, leaving meals late on in the night is not good at all..there should always be a couple of hours between your last meal and bed time. I have people say that well i eat at 10 and then dont go to sleep until 12 that is a good two hours before bed, its not the same. Our activities decrease with time, at 8 you are still likely to be moving about more and doing stuff than at 10 or 11 as our bodies grow more weary.

I think the best thing to do is eat and then brush your teeth, use a strong mouthwash that will put you off from putting anything in your mouth!

Also I have found with myself that potatoes are not good in any shape or form, chips being the biggest culprit.

Today so far:
fruit n fibre cereal with water

Monday, 25 January 2010

diet update

salam im back after a holiday!!
so have my eating habits improved....not in the slightest! i lost half a stone due to falling ill but i have got my taste back and boy do i just want to eat rubbish, i mean check this out i am so crazy about fizzy drinks that i will eat a packet of crisps ( or two) so that my drink tastes even better after the salt in take!!! this is such a bad habit and i need to snap out of it.

in the time that i was away ( almost a month ) i ate little to no fruit and my water intake was rubbish....why why cant i just be healthy, I JUST WANT TO BE HEALTHY...but i am weak and give into that dreaded sugar makes me feel happy ...momentarily...but happy. maybe i need to look beyond diet, i know there are aspects of my life that i would love to change, ive just gotta keep that faith strong and keep going.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Rapid weight gain

this is totally shocking i have put on i think 7 pounds or more, it is still a healthy weight for me but the only problem is it has all headed mainly for my backside and busts (though the latter is a good thing!) my problem is that i have gone back to eating so much rubbish and the food that we have for eid so does not help. i really have to monitor what i eat as it tends to be very bad food, sugary, oil fried and lots of fizzy drinks and i notice that the amounts that i am eating are getting larger.

typical day:
toast and boiled egg

chocolate bar snack crisp and glass of coke

rice with whatever curries are on the go

more chocolate

anything sugary i can find to snack on BISCUITS!!!

more coke

rice and curry again

there is no veg or fruit.....and i am so bad! yesterday i weighed my self and found that i had put on a lot of weight i checked my bmi and it is 21. something so though i am still within healthy limits i am afraid of the future so missy that is it time to call it quits today:

cereal with cranberry juice

half salad sandwich with mayo

few somosas

rice with veg and chicken

rice pudding and afew mini gulab jamuns

4 sour gobstoppers ( grow up!)

i guess this is better but i need to drink water more, i am really gonna try and drink more tomorrow inshallah.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Okay so Ramadhan is just around the corner Alhamdulilah, so I am gonna use the last couple of days ( if that ) to eat as much as I can during the day and get it out of my system, I will eat for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland! Nah I am actually learning stuff to prepare for Ramadan, inshallah that is the best food for the soul. I always relearn Subhandhil Mulki and the prayers for tarawih, to make sure that I am saying them correctly after so long! its wierd though even though I dont say them in my day to day life, it just comes ruching back when I open my mouth. So is everyone preparing!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Feeling good!

So today I have been a good girl, fatty eternal peace you will be proud of me!


Whole wheat pasta with tuna and sweetcorn..... with salad (cherry tomotoes, sweetcorn onion, beetroot, green pepper and carrot)

Rice and curry

water and orange juice.

okay so i had two choc bars, packet of crisps.. but you see i didnt want to go into cardiac arrest from my body not being able to cope with too many nutrients in one go.

so i feel so much better within and with myself, inshallah I will try and keep this up.