Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What you eat today, you will wear tomorrow!

So lets see i have totally neglected this blog which was supposed to be a regular thing, and also neglected my healthy eating regime, my beauty regime, everything out of the window. you know what as soon as I am depressed which is quite regular, I just let everything go, I dont bother with anything and look for quick fixes to make me happy again. the weeks that i was looking after myself I looked and felt better, now I feel sluggish and horrible, skin looks dull. I read somewhere what you eat today you wear tomorrow, this is so so true. I really really want to do this and inshallah I will.

Anyway a quick mask that is meant to tighten the skin and make it look nice is just milk. use a cotton wool ball and dip it in a saucer ( bowl whatever) of milk and just apply to the face avoiding eye area. leave on for 5 - 10 mins and wash off( do this before bath or shower as you dont want to be smelling of milk!)