Saturday, 25 July 2009

read the instructions!!!

hey welcome anchor girl, thanks for joining me! so today i just wanted to write about how important it is not to overdo anything on your skin, if you use a product and it seems to be doing you wonders , keep within the limits... here is a story that will ward you off from doing so.

Mashallah I have never really had skin problems, but still wanted super radiant skin, so when i was a teenager i was really into making my own face mask and stuff and it was great! anyway i still used off the shelf products and one particular deep cleansing product i used i think was called skin clear, anyway it stated to be used once a week.... buy hey why listen to them, i used it daily for about 3 or 4 days can't quite remember then i found my skin starting to hurt, the next day when i woke up my skin looked awful i could not talk properly because it was so tight and dry i could not smile at all. as the days went on my face started to turn red ( my skin is olive tone) and it was also eid and we had guests over it was so embarrassing! anyway it got worse over the course of 3 days. i would compare it to someone who had been severley sunburnt. by the end of the week, the top layer started peeling ( i can hear you all laughing! stop it it was horrible!) any way after myself made chemical peel, mashallah i got my skin back! my mum threatened me that if i ever dared use anything again she would kill me! so i stopped using all of that and stuck to making my own stuff... so beware!

todays menu
beanburger, toast salad cranberry juice


roasted fish with salad leaves and chicken curry aubergine and marrow in batter and rice
water ( small portions of each thing)

2 packet of crisps!!!! ( not good!)

fish and chips with beans more pepsi

rice with curry
choc bar

okay 3 crip packets is awful!
got to stop it!!!!!!