Sunday, 21 February 2010

oops i did it again

I am so depressed about my lifestyle, i want to change it but i just dont seem to be able to, it lasts a few days and then i am back on the junk. Fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps. Its like i have no stamina or will power left. I know this kind of junk food is disturbing my sleep and it is making my depression worse. I just wish that i could stick to a healthy diet without it being a chore. When i was a teenager i use to make all these face masks and my skin looked good to mashallah, and now i can go weeks without even moisturising that when i do people actually notice it and say i look nice ...( that is really sad!)
so what stops me frm eating the way i want, i think it is depression and i am just going around in circles. we owe it to ourselves to eat well, and i have to think about my kids picking up on my bad habits. Oh Allah help me this time, i am gonna, try again and give it another shot, but maybe with a different approach, i will add good food rather than stopping the junk completely and try to ween my self off the rubbish, man i sound like a druggie!