Monday, 20 July 2009

the weekend was awful food wise, i ate so much rubbish and guess what i was in pain, from excess fizzy drinks and just nutrional less food. but that was partly due to two reasons 1) family birthday gathering 2) father in law troubles. i always reach for rubbish to fix my mood.

anyway despite how i felt i thought i would pamper myself, actually its not called pampering it is what people do on a normal basis, but the way my life is it is pampering.

i used this new product called big again from Lush it is a hair shampoo made of sea salt and some other good stuff and it smells great. my hair has suffered big time as it is constantly wrapped up in a scarf and never allowed to breath ( unless im in bed) anyway i went through a time of just washing my hair running my fingers through it and then tying it up, bad move after 3 weeks i could no longer run my fingers through my hair, yes thats right no brush involved. I was really really depressed at the time. anyway when one day i finally tried to tackle the knots it was too painful, my sis dragged me to a womans only hairdresser and i got my locks chopped off.
as i use to only shampoo my hair and NEVER condition it, it became brittle and horrible. But mashllah i have to say it is looking a lot healthier, no matter how depressed they make me im gonna try and at least do the basics. I also used a pre conditioner... forgotten what its called, lady gave me a sample to try.

Todays menu

1 slice of wholemeal bread fried with egg and cranberry juice

2 packets crisps

1 chocolate bar,

snacked on mini donuts and pakaras

rice with fish ( baked fish which was crushed and the usual onions chilli corriander and a bengali leaf called lai fata was added)

muki ( bengali veg)

meat with potato curry



gonna go and have a somosa after this

today was again another bad day, i need to control my depression there is not a single fruit in todays binge!