Thursday, 28 January 2010

BIG NO to late night meals.

one thing that i know for sure works with maintaining a healthy weight or trying to lose weight is the time that you have your last meal!

8 o'clock is the time that you should cease eating, leaving meals late on in the night is not good at all..there should always be a couple of hours between your last meal and bed time. I have people say that well i eat at 10 and then dont go to sleep until 12 that is a good two hours before bed, its not the same. Our activities decrease with time, at 8 you are still likely to be moving about more and doing stuff than at 10 or 11 as our bodies grow more weary.

I think the best thing to do is eat and then brush your teeth, use a strong mouthwash that will put you off from putting anything in your mouth!

Also I have found with myself that potatoes are not good in any shape or form, chips being the biggest culprit.

Today so far:
fruit n fibre cereal with water