Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The reason why i have started this blog is to keep a track on my health which is not very good at the moment, i have totally neglected everything. I suffer from depression and my mood swings are crazy, i make it worse by the food that i eat- quick sugar fixes that make me happy for a while then i feel down. Ive decided to keep a track of what i eat and how it affects me also i intend to start looking after my body, skin, hair, nails etc. I have tried to keep a diary like this but it has not worked as i either lose the book or family members (inlaws) interfere. so here goes.
it is gonna be pretty boring really and is more for my use but any comments, advice would still be appreciated.

I have a BMI of 19 or was it 20? got to recalculate regardless I am not over or underweight just okay. not trying to lose weight just lead healthier lifestyle. My ailments: poor digestion and circulation, stomach cramps, stress, skin not looking as good as it could do. Parts of my body need toning.

Throughout today i have eaten:

Bran flakes with dried fruit water

tangerine, slices of cucumber

2 choc bars (aaarrrggghh) got to stop this

rice with chicken and veg curry

bean burger with white bap( brown go for brown!) water

cranberry juice

few slices of mango

Not too bad today have to try and drink more water....need to include more fruit and veg.
I am completely addicted to chocolate! i need to give it up!

am using a trial moisturiser called skin nanny from Lush, incredibly greasy looking( maybe i put too much) has a lot of natural ingredients and has a spf of 30. costs £24!!! far too much, maybe that's why she offered me a free trial after the look of disgust on my face, lets see if it is any good. Don't feel good paying all that money for a skin moisturiser.

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