Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Im in a foul mood, but this is suppose to be my retreat, i will not bring the negativity in here!

Anyway i just wanted to share somethings about sun protection, i think that as asians we dismiss this easily as we think that it is not necessary but honestly it is still very important, unless you want to have wrinkles well before your age and Asian skin develops pigmentation otherwise known as age spots. I did some research into suncare and i found that what you use might actually cause more damage than good. A few years ago I fell in love with the Liz Earle range, and one thing that she says about sun proctection is the difference between chemical and mineral sunscreens...well actually read it here

"There are several good reasons why we do not use any chemical sunscreens (such as benzophenones, homosalate, benzene derivatives or cinnamates). Firstly, they can trigger allergic reactions in those with sensitive skins. Secondly, some studies indicate that they may actually encourage free-radical activity - potentially damaging skin cells and accelerating skin ageing. By contrast, non-chemical sunscreens reflect UV rays away from the skin and do not allow them to be absorbed.

Our non-chemical sunscreens include broad-spectrum naturally derived mineral filters such as Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide. You will find both these in our Sun Shade sun protection range - ideal for daily protection for all the family. And you will also find Titanium dioxide as a non-chemical sunscreen in our Daily Eye Repair."

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okay i bought this product i think about a year ago but didnt always use it ( naughty naughty...but you have to actually leave the house to allow the sun to hit you right!) anyway it kinds leaves your skin looking really white until it can soak in, i think if you have darker skin then you have to make sure that you dnt look like a clown. other products that i have found that contain mineral filters as opposed to chemical filters are Johnsons baby skin care and nivea baby skincare lotion, but i cant be sure if they are talking about the exact same thing.

Anyway a little story as I was growing up I wore glasses and I would not be seen dead without them .... but you know there is a certain stigma attached to wearing glasses especially for us bangladeshis, so my mum use to try her utmost to keep them away from me, and the more she did the more I wanted them. by the time i hit my teens my mum got increasingly worried, until one day she introduced me to the idea of contacts, i was not at all keen, you see years of wearing glasses meant that when i took them off I had a very distinguished white line going across the bridge of my nose. but there was my mum wanting to make me more marriagble material and glasses just wouldnt do! so what did i, i got cotton wool and stuck it with moisturiser to my face all except as close as i could get to the white mark, then i spent endless hours in the sun tanning the bridge of my nose......finally i got there! the things i did for mum!crazy crazy crazy! i should have just waited for my self made chemical face peel but that wasnt to happen till 2 years later!

french toast wit beans water

rice with chicken and salad
vegs from a fish curry

pepsi, almost a whole tub of pringles kitkat ( im depressed ) the way i heard on a programme that to work off a tub of pringles require 2 and half hours worth of heavy duty gardening..... oopps

still night time meal to go probably be chicken and meat again!


  1. salaam just discovered this blog of yours mashaAllah your goals seem similar to mine!

    i too am trying to improve the state of my skin inshaAllah but i seem to forget to drink enough water! Also i'm trying to use products with less chemicals and so my friend and I have been making homemade beauty products like facemasks.

    me and my friend have also decided to get together atleast once a week(though we haven't for 2 weeks or so) and pamper ourselves. I can tell you it lifts your mood alhamdulillah and i feel more postive!

    ohh and lastly i too have started to use LUSH products like thier shampoo bars and stuff though i find thier products pretty expensive as i usually get my stuff from body shop and prices are not so high there!

    ok enough waffling

  2. hi there, hey thats cool please share any mask ideas and i will put it on this blog for everyone to benefit from, especially myself!