Saturday, 18 December 2010


im not so sure about facebook, i know some people are completely addicted and have a very unhealthy realtionship with it, people whio are on it all the time. Now i made an account with a name..any name not mine just to see if i could find any of my friends on there and yeah i found loads. anyways one friend from high school had her profile open for all to look through her photos and stuff, and as i was looking OMG i came across a photo of myself....i mean aaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh it was a photo of when i was 16, now it is bad enough to find a photo of myself but what is worse is that i am in my school uniform, with no hijabb....aaarrrrgggghhhhhhh. the only thing is that it is not a clear photo. anyways that was last week this week i am just looking at another friends profile and there there i was again...what the hell....i didnt even know this photo existed!!! wow! okay so what was bad was that it was a clear photo very clear but what was good was that i had started wearing hijaab so erm i dont know i am not comfortable with it at all. i guess every other person has their profile pic on its just that i am not comfortable at all....anyway i am now thinking Allah knows how many other photos people have of me. I have a strict no photo policy at public events but i guess i am not always aware of when the camera is on me!

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