Thursday, 13 August 2009

blog rename???

I think that I should rename this blog to Queen's unhealthy - how to kill your body - get wrinkles and pimples before your time, hay like hair and bad digestive system Quest.... Why oh why can't I get through that thick skull of mine that Allah has been very kind to me and I should be grateful for that and not take advantage of it!!! Iv'e decided to name and shame myself in public by taking pics of what I had to eat today! Prepare to be disgusted with me, because I deserve it!
This is breakfast, yes fishfingers, some really evil looking potato faces, 1 very badly fried egg, kidney and baked beans. A far cry from the fruit and fibre cereal that I was supposed to eat!!!!!! But I did have a glass of cranberry juice, that makes it all better ( not).
They were so right with their jingle "once you pop, you just can't stop" and i just couldn't!! i ate almost all the contents with some fizzy pop.

For lunch I had the following rice, lamb curry with potatoes, cherry tomatoes salad, lemon and chillies! with water
then I had a cornetto, and its not even six!
I do not feel at all pleased with myself, I wish that i could change my diet, its not to lose weight as Mashallah believe it or not Im not overweight!!its just to lookafter myself and my body that is Amannah from Allah. Allah please forgive me and guide me.
How is my skincare regime going??? I bet you are finding it hard to believe that, that to is non existent!


  1. Not so much disgusted as I am shocked my dear. It's all about habit. They can be changed as quickly or as slowly as they're formed. I'm sure you can reach your healthy eating goal if you set your mind to it.

    Porridge (Quakers) is a surpringly filling breakfast and will keep you off food until lunch. Everything in the first pic is more like a tea time meal no?

  2. now that ur at ur mums make the most of it look after yourself and eat healthy

  3. salam Fatty,
    yes you are right that is a tea time meal! but honestly, its like i have lost all motivation, but inshallah I will try. i am gonna try and eat cereal for breakfast, i've never tried quaker oats before...

  4. salam eternal peace,
    yes inshallah i will make the most of everything now that I am here.