Monday, 10 August 2009

well done on keepin up the good work

Okay I am so so proud of myself, i really need to congratulate myself on my diet in the last past weeks which has consisited of

many many packets of crisps

fizzy drinks galore

chocolate like its going out of fashion

take out processed food

fruit and veg oh no didnt want to upset the regime!!!! what is wrong with me!!!! depression that is what, anyway Im going to my mums soon so inshallah i will try and "fix" my self.


  1. dont give up its never too late i've been going on a course last few weeks and those vending machines have got the better of me but inshaAllah tommorws another day

  2. thanks sis, Im fed up with my diet and i really really want to change but its not gonna happen with all this depression

  3. Stay strong. I know it's easier said than done but don't let your in laws get the best of you.

  4. Hahaha i love your sense of humor! Don't beat yourself up about eating poorly, but remember that you have to eat right to take care of yourself. If you eat healthier you will have more energy to stand up to your MIL & FIL :) Good luck!

  5. Salam My getaway,
    I need to be strong but I am not, i just give into those quick fixes, its easier and less hassle. so pleased to read that you lost soem weight. I really am no role model at all!

    Salam Anchor girl
    That is a very good reason to eat healthy! i could make that my motivation!