Monday, 30 November 2009

Rapid weight gain

this is totally shocking i have put on i think 7 pounds or more, it is still a healthy weight for me but the only problem is it has all headed mainly for my backside and busts (though the latter is a good thing!) my problem is that i have gone back to eating so much rubbish and the food that we have for eid so does not help. i really have to monitor what i eat as it tends to be very bad food, sugary, oil fried and lots of fizzy drinks and i notice that the amounts that i am eating are getting larger.

typical day:
toast and boiled egg

chocolate bar snack crisp and glass of coke

rice with whatever curries are on the go

more chocolate

anything sugary i can find to snack on BISCUITS!!!

more coke

rice and curry again

there is no veg or fruit.....and i am so bad! yesterday i weighed my self and found that i had put on a lot of weight i checked my bmi and it is 21. something so though i am still within healthy limits i am afraid of the future so missy that is it time to call it quits today:

cereal with cranberry juice

half salad sandwich with mayo

few somosas

rice with veg and chicken

rice pudding and afew mini gulab jamuns

4 sour gobstoppers ( grow up!)

i guess this is better but i need to drink water more, i am really gonna try and drink more tomorrow inshallah.


  1. asalamo alyakom sister,
    i also have a healthy body/ weight loss blog
    here it is, i think we can help each other out a bit, and support each other, please follow it if u like, oh and by the way we have the same bmi=21 lol

  2. sound like me! I'm on a healthy (translation = HOT) body quest before I get married and I'm flippin DESPERATE!!!! Aaargghhhh.... Inshallah you'll get through it and I hope I do too. I SO don't wanna be a fatty bride :(

  3. salam sisters,

    inshallah i will check out your blog, i have been on holiday and just got back! yes support is definitely needed in keeping healthy, so easy to lose track!
    dubai bride,
    inshallah sis i really hope that you reach your goal lets stick togther and get that weight off our rear!!!

  4. sorry sis i deleted that blog :(

  5., i was looking for the blog last night ...never mind, share ur experiences here with me xxxx