Monday, 25 January 2010

diet update

salam im back after a holiday!!
so have my eating habits improved....not in the slightest! i lost half a stone due to falling ill but i have got my taste back and boy do i just want to eat rubbish, i mean check this out i am so crazy about fizzy drinks that i will eat a packet of crisps ( or two) so that my drink tastes even better after the salt in take!!! this is such a bad habit and i need to snap out of it.

in the time that i was away ( almost a month ) i ate little to no fruit and my water intake was rubbish....why why cant i just be healthy, I JUST WANT TO BE HEALTHY...but i am weak and give into that dreaded sugar makes me feel happy ...momentarily...but happy. maybe i need to look beyond diet, i know there are aspects of my life that i would love to change, ive just gotta keep that faith strong and keep going.

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